Welcome to the official home of the Maritime Marine Animal Response Network (MMARN). Here, you will find information about the marine animals located in the waters surrounding the Maritimes and what you should do if you encounter a marine animal in distress.

The Maritime network is made up of several organizations that provide specific education and training regarding response to live and distressed cetaceans, pinnipeds, sharks and sea turtles. The mission of MMARN is to respond in a timely fashion to marine animals in distress, and dead marine animals on the Atlantic Canadian coast in the interest of furthering marine animal conservation, welfare and science. To do this, the organizations coordinate response efforts and aim to assist where needed and gather data and samples from as many incidents as possible.

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Marine Animal Response

Often when you’re walking along the shore, you may encounter an animal which is in distress.
Other times you may see a dead animal and wonder who needs to be called.

If you find a stranded, injured or dead marine animal please call the hotline:

Learn more about strandings and how to properly approach animals:



Every year a number of live marine animals strand on Maritime shores.

If you see an animal stranded on land or distressed offshore, you should determine if it is alive or dead and call the Hotline immediately.



Live strandings involving individual animals have been recorded on all coasts; however, mass strandings involving more than one animal also occur.

Remember, seals are perfectly at home out of the water and are commonly observed to be “hauled out” on Maritime shorelines.



Dead marine animals often wash ashore along our coastline. These animals can provide valuable information to scientists about the animal’s behaviour and cause of death and can be extremely useful in improving scientific knowledge.

It is very important that all of these events are fully documented.

Maritime Marine Animals

Learn more about the various marine animals, including cetacean, pinniped, shark and turtle species, around the Maritime Provinces.

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