Every year a number of live animals strand on Maritime shores. A number of these incidents involve individual animals; however, mass strandings involving more than one animal can also occur. Cetaceans face a number of issues when stranded on a beach including exposure to sun and wind, overheating and suffocation and thus, it is critical that live animals are reported as soon as they are encountered.

If you find a stranded, injured or dead marine animal in the Canadian Maritime Provinces,
please call the Marine Animal Response Society Hotline at:

Live strandings involving individual animals have been recorded on all coasts. Mass strandings typically have been more localized to “hotspots”. These “hotspots” may be related to coastal topography or other localized features.

Response efforts may differ from one species to another, therefore it is important to properly identify which species you are looking at. Don’t know what species you’ve found? Check out our species profiles to help you determine what species you’ve found.

Once you’ve determine what you are looking at, please select the appropriate page below: